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July 28th, 2008

Still ness #01

3 Responses to “Still ness #01”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    This looks beautiful on-line. I also love the format. The thing I really love about your work is the line-work. There is a real precision, but at the same time a real fluidness – particularly in the backgrounds. They are precise but not rigid – there is a sense of movement to the world which is not present in a lot of drawings, like the whole thing is alive. The sense of movement in general is amazing. I can’t wait to see more.

    All the best,
    Dick Whyte of Solar

  2. Mat Hunkin Says:

    What he said

  3. Draw Says:

    Thank Dick and Mat for your comments. You can see that strange feeling of captured or constrained movement in a lot of the good comics artists around the world. It is one of the exciting things about comics that moving still images.

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