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September 10th, 2008

Still ness #20

Still ness beginning

4 Responses to “Still ness #20”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    this is going great.

    the last series of panels (from him returning to now) have been excellent. I am enjoying this story more and more. It has such a minimalist feel to it – and often the story feels almost haiku like. Often frames don’t instantly connect (in a good way) and then they connect in reverse, bringing the whole thing together. It’s never confusing, but it breaks up and reconnects in really interesting ways.

    be good to see you sometime soon.

    hope you’re well,

  2. Draw Says:

    Thanks Richard
    Yeah I am well, a bit tired. Its interesting, I wonder whether the the minimalist feel is due to the posting format? I have noticed the pacing of this comic is very different on the internet compared with the original pages. It feels like the Internet slows down the pace of reading the panels and there are fewer panels per ‘page’ so the panels become more discrete.

  3. krissi Says:

    As I’ve been reading this I noticed that my reading speed changes dramatically depending on the content. For the first section of this comic, I was taking my time, really sinking into the mundane moments that were in front of me, but as the scary double-frame blackness and zombie-ish finger losing panels staring coming I couldn’t click on the “next” button fast enough! very exciting. And then I went back to slow clicking again -and now I’m writing this comment just to build up the suspense…..

  4. Robyn E. Kenealy Says:

    I completely had that happen too! With the slowness! and the fastness! and the slowness!

    In ref. to Dick’s comment above, I also find that that “not connecting in a good way” really emphasises the “is it real or not?” in a good way. It’s partly having to put the panels together that is creating this crazy feeling, making us as dislocated as your hero. I understand the story, but I don’t feel stable, I don’t feel easy in it, if that makes sense. I like it very much and think the story is really well written/paced, esp. with use of the online considerations to achieve this.

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