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December 24th, 2008

Still ness #59

Still ness beginning

This is it, the end of part 2

Leaning against a fence with your eyes closed, what could go wrong? Why are zombies plaguing him? Find out when Still ness returns…

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Still ness continues with #60 here.

4 Responses to “Still ness #59”

  1. Mopy Says:

    Merry Christmas to yu to Draq

  2. Draw Says:

    Thanks Mopy, cool website

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    Wow – what a great series of images, and a great place to pause the narrative. It reads really fast and frantic – which I gather was what you were trying to create. There is an excellent sense of pacing here, which, oddly enough, I don’t think could be communicated quite the same if it were in a printed format. There is something about having to click to see the next screen which increases the tension and pacing.

    Awesome work David!!!!!

  4. Draw Says:

    Thanks Dick for your kind comments. yes it is interesting when reading a page in a comic you already kind of skim read, look at the whole page before you go on and read each panel individually so an element of pacing in comic books is the page itself. I think on the internet the ‘page’ becomes something else as well when you consider all the other elements on it.

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