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January 9th, 2009

Abstract 10 Series 2

This is also a favourite of mine.

Really interesting original image which offered lots of oportunity for interesting panel compositions.

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3 Responses to “Abstract 10 Series 2”

  1. Mopy Says:

    two much empty space for my liking…

  2. Dick Whyte Says:

    WOW – one of my favourites from the latest series of photo-montage-comics. This is really amazing. I am loving these works and I think that the experiment here is really working. As I have talked about before the “perception” of the image being broken up into discrete moments is fascinating and, philosophically, very rewarding for me.

    In terms of Deleuze’s analysis of what he calls “movement-images” (which are usually only applied to film, but which I have tentatively started applying to comics) this is a “time-image” (a direct image of time, rather than an indirect image of time) in the sense that it calls into play my attentive-recognition rather than habitual-recognition and leads me towards optical-images, which directly address the idea of vision rather than simply using vision to link moments.

    It also opens onto what Deleuze calls an “any-space-whatever,” a space which forces the viewer to construct space for themselves rather than linking space coherently according to movements (of characters, or centers-of-indetermination, as Deleuze calls them).

    WOW – really, really impressive.

  3. Draw Says:

    Yes I can see what you mean. Because it was a striking image I wanted to make the viewer work harder to construct a comic out of it.

    Cool and thanks. This is a really interesting Idea that is worth thinking about more when it comes to making comics.

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