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February 9th, 2009

Abstract 11b Series 3 ‘Lines’

6 Responses to “Abstract 11b Series 3 ‘Lines’”

  1. ed Says:

    this one is great.
    there is a real sense of friction between the wild dynamic of the ink and the strict order of the white ‘squares’

  2. Draw Says:

    Thanks Ed,
    I had an idea to have the ‘lines’ in the border panel rather than in the panel. I tried several variations and interestingly they didn’t work except this one. Like you say I think it is because of the uncontrolled application of the ink.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    I agree with Ed – there is something really cool happening in this one, and it does have something to do with the unrestrained quality of the lines and the restricted sense of framing. These comics make me think of frames in new ways as you are not ‘framing’ anything, in a sense. Are they even frames anymore? What is a frame? Has the white page become the frame?

    Great work David.

  4. Draw Says:

    Thanks Richard, I think I might have to have another look at this idea.

  5. Robyn E, Kenealy Says:

    What I like is that it makes me feel like part of the picture has been removed and I try to imagine what it is.

  6. Draw Says:

    Thanks Robyn.

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