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March 23rd, 2009

Delve: Wednesday March 8 2006

First published in Delve One November 2006.  This is a page from my diary comic. For more information on Delve check out my published comics work.

“I wonder how other people do it. I feel like I could scream. How do other people contain and deal with all the crap, all the stuff they have to repress it, it all tries to escape.”

Well repression is only one way of dealing with it.

I have felt like this many times. Its probably true to say maybe alot of people have felt like this. It is the torment of the individual, never knowing what people really are thinking or who they really are.

Of course this thought also reflects ones perspective on life.

2 Responses to “Delve: Wednesday March 8 2006”

  1. Mopy Says:

    We bottle it up too much…

  2. draw Says:

    Yes some people do don’t they… I’ve never been very good at bottling stuff up

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