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July 20th, 2009

Abstract 3 Series 2 remix

Remix of Abstract 3 series 2

Looking at it this is a really interesting experience.  It has a fragmented, distorted, disorientating feel to it which I am really happy with. The black gutter really adds to that sensation. Reading this comic is like trying to make sense of reality it should but sometimes it doesn’t. I know there is an image here but it I can only see tiny parts of it.

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8 Responses to “Abstract 3 Series 2 remix”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying reading Drawing Silence. I just want to say sorry for my no show at comics meeting this month. I found myself running late that day and hadn’t had any food since breakfast. By that time refueling seemed more importent so thats what I did.

  2. draw Says:

    Hey Thank you very much for posting a comment on my web comic and I glad you have been enjoying the site Helen. Yeah we missed you at comics drinks, it was a good night some new and old faces. Anyway I hope you recovered from your day.

  3. Helen Says:

    I perked up as soon as I got food in me, so yes I did.

  4. Robyn E. Kenealy Says:

    I’m so not sure how to phrase this intelligently… this page, today, has this whole 1950’s TV thing going for me which I find just spiffy. It’s the colours, I think, as well as the content, and those sharp black edges. It has a very “censored” feeling, as if memory was enforcing, taking away from me, a nostalgic memory. But I know that if I had clear access to that memory, i wouldn’t like it. Like, maybe there’s a reason I can’t get at it.

  5. Andrei Says:

    Reminds me of David Hockney–in a really good way.

  6. draw Says:

    Cool, creepy, now that you mention it, it does remind me of the TV panels in the “Dark Knight Returns”. I’m thinking its like watching fragmented TV.
    Thanks Andrei .Are you thinking his paintings or his photography?

    I think this is probably the best of the remix comics. I have done.

  7. Andrei Says:

    I was actually thinking of a combination of the two. The flat handling of architecture in his paintings combined with the collage aspect of his photomontages. But, more than that, it’s like something he would do…

  8. draw Says:

    Hey Andrei Thanks for replying, from my brief look on the internet I can see what you mean,
    its food for thought…

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