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August 26th, 2009

‘Perfect Modernism diptych’ Abstract 16 Series 2

Abstract 16 is the first part of a diptych.

To see more of series 2 check out the link to the Category

Edit 2009-08-31:  New title thanks Richard

Over the past few days I have been mulling over a comment (see fourth comment down) made on the abstract comics blog. This person said I should name my comics. I came up with ‘Perfect Modernism’ Richard on the comments on the next page picked up on this and suggested I use it. What I liked about the found images was the cool stark white interiors advertising expensive furniture designed in the modernist style. They looked cool, I liked them yet at the same time they revolted me, modernism had become a style to lay onto something to conjure up associations for the person buying the furniture.

“Modernism was doomed to fail due to the multiplicity of human experience and perception which these abstract comics celebrate”

Edit 2009-10-12: I joined the diptych together. Click for a larger version


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