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August 28th, 2009

‘Perfect Modernism diptych’ Abstract 17 Series 2

Abstract 17 is the second part of the diptych. Click previous for the first part of the diptych.

To see more of series 2 check out the link to the Category

Edit 2009-08-31:  New title see previous page for detailed explanation of title, also check out comments

Edit 2009-10-12: I joined the diptych together. Click for a larger version


5 Responses to “‘Perfect Modernism diptych’ Abstract 17 Series 2”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    These are so sleek and modernist – like a kind of comment on modernist architecture. You have caged it in the postmodern collapse (the frames) which fragment the unity which was modernity.


  2. draw Says:

    Its great you picked that up, I did like the original perfect modernist image selling furniture. Since someone made a comment on the abstract comics blog that I should be naming my comics I thought the perfect name for this diptych would be ‘Perfect Modernism’. Perhaps modernism was always doomed to fail due to the multiplicity of human experience and perception which I guess these Abstract comics celebrate.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    Yeah – that is exactly the thing I picked up on them – a critique of the modernist unity – a fall into multiplicity, like a modern day Babel. Funny – I hadn’t thought of that – postmodernity is the modern Babel. Another cycle in the human mental evolution.

    That title ‘Perfect Modernism’ is GREAT. If you were going to title them in any way, I would say use that. And you should write a little about the critique of modernism in the notes – even just to say what you said to me: “Modernism was doomed to fail due to the multiplicity of human experience and perception which these abstract comics celebrate” (that would make a great quote to put in the notes section of these comics – plus you should put “critique of modernism” in the tags).

  4. draw Says:

    hmm that’s cool, modernism was the 20th century Tower of Babel a perfect vision for humanity. Check out what I said on the first part of the diptych Abstract 16.

  5. Dick Whyte Says:

    Nice – I love what you wrote on Diptych Abstract 16 – very nice. You are getting good at expressing some of the thought behind these works.

    Very nice indeed.


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