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November 13th, 2009

Abstract 11 Series 2 remix

Remix of Abstract 11 Series 2

It took me a couple of attempts to get this comic working.

To see more of series 2 check out the link to the Category

3 Responses to “Abstract 11 Series 2 remix”

  1. Phyllis J. O'Rourke, M.A. Says:

    When you say you have a “working comic” what does it do? When I click on the title, nothing happens.

  2. Dick Whyte Says:

    That is an interesting question – what makes something “work.” I think it is subjective, yes, but I also believe there are some parts of aesthetics which can be said to “work” in some way.

    However, the term “work” is an interesting one as now it is linked to jobs, making money and capitalism in general (along with value, for instance). Makes me think of Barthes “From Work to Text.” Is work being used by you Draw to signify an energy, a rightness, a resonance?

    Love the comic by the way. Very nice indeed.

  3. draw Says:

    Phyllis J. O’Rourke, M.A.: there has been a bit of a miss communication, the comic isn’t like a clickable flash animation, sorry. Thanks also for commenting, I’ve checked out your website.

    Richard: yeah it is an interesting idea, sometimes we become so practised and good at something we know when it is ‘working’ or successful under whatever critera we have set ourselves

    perhaps what I should have said:
    this is the second attempt at remixing this comic, I am much happier with it than the previous.

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