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January 15th, 2010

Weather 2 Infinite Canvas Remix

Remix of Weather 2 Infinite Canvas. I wanted to take some of the most interesting bits of Weather 2 and re combining them.

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Weather 2 Infinite Canvas

Weather Infinite Canvas

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3 Responses to “Weather 2 Infinite Canvas Remix”

  1. Robyn E. Kenealy Says:

    This is some of my favourite stuff so far. I think because of that reference to the weather – I mean in the drawing, nor necessarily in the title. There’s an awareness of natural motion here.

    I’m probably not saying anything you haven’t heard, but you should totally check out Turner’s cloud sketches.

  2. Robyn E. Kenealy Says:

    Oh, and plus, that last panel? Clicks it all into place in my brain. Try and contain the awesomeness of the earth systems will you? Well, you can, but only a bit.

  3. draw Says:

    Hey Thanks Robyn, no I haven’t checked out Turner’s Cloud Sketches that sounds really interesting

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