I’ve been nominated!

February 15th, 2010

For the 2010 Black River Digital New Zealand Comics Awards or the Eric’s named after NZ comics Legend Eric Resitar.

Nominations for:

Best Comic  –  The Tangled Garden

Best Writing  –  The Tangled Garden

Best webcomic  –  Drawingsilence.com


Bristle has been nominated for best Anthology

This is so exciting! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me. In the next stage, shortlested works will be judged by people including Roberta Gregory, Andrei Molotiu, Elizabeth Knox, Ant Sang (of  ‘Bro’ Town’ fame) and David Blumenstein

You should all come to the Award ceremony held on Saturday April 3rd as part of Comics weekend at the Basement Gallery on Dixon Street, Wellington.

And here is the complete list of nominations for each category.

Best Comic
The Inhabitants by Sheehan Bros
The Tangled Garden by Draw
Love Stories by Matt Tait
Hotpools by Ned Wenlock
Book by Hayden Currie, James Rowsell, Matt Henley

Best art
The Inhabitants, art by Darren Sheenan
Hotpools, art by Ned Wenlock
Chicks with Knives, art by Claire Harris
Utopia Now Vol.1 art by Margaret Silverwood
Love Stories, art by Matt Tait

Best Writing
Passion of the Gimps by Clive Townsend & Brent Willis
The Inhabitants writing by Kelly Sheenan
Omnisexual by Robbie Neilson
The Tangled Garden by Draw

Best Strip
Western Park by Tim Kidd
Thumbscrew Theatre by Brent Willis (Salient 2007)
Tim Bollinger’s variously titled series in White fungus
‘Jitterati’ by Grant Buist
‘Desert Funnies’ by Grant Buist

Best Anthology
Bristle (ed. Brent Willis)
Radio as Paper (ed. Jerome Bihan)
Pictozine II (ed. Dave Bradbury)
Book (eds. Hayden Currie, James Rowsell, Matt Henley)

Best Webcomic
I Fight Crime
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Guzumzo Comics
How to Understand Everything and not hate yourself

Best Debut
Book #1 by Hayden Currie, James Rowsell, Matt Henley
Hotpools by Ned Wenlock
G33K by Renee Lyons
Skate Rat by Theo MacDonald
Girls can Really Fuck You in the Head by Elliot Stewart

Best short piece
Under the Bed by Tim Molloy (Single issue)
The Adventures of Happy Satan by Ari Freeman (Bristle #2)
Super Camel by Claire Harris (Bristle #1)
Commuters, by Brent Willis (Bristle #1)
Dear Reader, Fuck You by Sophie McMillan (from Radio as Paper #3)

Good luck to everybody!

9 Responses to “I’ve been nominated!”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Congrats on the nomination! We have been dying to see your art, ever since hearing about your version of Chicks with Knives.

  2. draw Says:

    um Hello Rachael, I don’t make ‘chicks with Knives’ Claire Harris does.

  3. Allison Says:

    Yay, go David!

    told you I would comment!

    Well done, you deserve it.

  4. Timb Says:

    Take the credit man – it’s on your blog. I didn’t know Tim Molloy was publishing stuff again. Will have to check it out…

  5. Timb Says:

    Bah, I did it again. Meant to add a winkie after ‘your blog’.
    Like this ( ‘…your blog ;)’)
    *Sigh* that will learn me…

  6. draw Says:

    🙂 thanks yeah Tim Molloy seems to be pluging away at his deviant art page is the best place it seems to follow his work.

    Thanks Allison!

  7. Sparx Says:

    Ooo thanks for posting the nominees, I’ve been trying to find them – gotta scope out the competition 😉

  8. Sparx Says:

    Yay – MY winkie worked 😛

  9. draw Says:

    Hey Sparx, no probs on the posting, what is a winkie?

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