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March 19th, 2010

Four Colours 2 Series 4 page 4

4 page comic

Four Colours 2 page 1

Four Colours 1

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One Response to “Four Colours 2 Series 4 page 4”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    These just get better and better Draw. As you know I am interested in the “off” aesthetic at the moment – the rupture, the uneasy. And there is an uneasiness here with the colours – they are garish – taken straight from the pens we use in our everyday lives. So – there is an aspect of the “everyday” here that I love. It’s like Duchamp’s toilet – he asks us to look again at the toilet, to consider it aesthetically when usually it is only viewed functionally. And here – it is the biro, the bic, the average, everyday pen. Not some fancy aristocratic nib (haha – you know I love the nib work on your others, I am just extending the metaphor). So there is a tension here between that and the ultra minimalist thing, which is great.

    And I love the flow of the lines – they almost seem to fall into one another. it is watery, but it hasn’t given up its solidness. There is a filmic quality to it as well. As if each line is a frame, slices of colour spliced together. Very nice work.

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