The Burning – Unknown 3

May 13th, 2010







found via tumblr probably here


3 Responses to “The Burning – Unknown 3”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    Hey man-

    I never commented on this – and I always wanted to to. So I am. This is brilliant man – I think it could be a comic all on its own. Or at least the formation of an idea for a comic, based on movie screencaps with words. I mean, this one seems finished to me – it has a great weird narrative. You should definitely make this into a comic of some description.


  2. draw Says:

    I do actually see the Unknown series as being comics, just in a different format. A blog format rather than a web comic format.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    Cool – I had no idea. You should include a category in the side for them – like blog comics under blog or something. Or just put them under “Found Comics” as well. Because they are in the blog I guess I just end up thinking of them as “not comics” and I wonder if others would see it that way. Cool to know that you consider them to be comics though. This one I particularly like – there is an amazing flow from image to image. A Deleuzian any-space-whatever if ever I saw one.

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