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May 31st, 2010

Purple Strata 4

This is the last of the Purple Four Colour comics series for now.

Tomorrow something different!

2 Responses to “Purple Strata 4”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    Congrats!! A post a day for a month. That’s an achievement.

    Loving the blue series – they could easily be done as a really nice colour comic together. Ever thought of posting books on Scribd?? I think you’d gather a whole new audience there. We should talk about it. It’s really really easy to do and you get hits (I got 200 hits for my weird one). Think about it. I would treat it just as another way to possibly reach people who might be interested. Have a link to your website.. and you’re away laughing.

  2. draw Says:

    Thanks Richard, I decided to keep going on the post a day for at least another week

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