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November 17th, 2010

The Black Forest 2 #1

Four Colours 9 Series 4

The Black Forest 1

Still ness will be continuing to take a break.

It will be back I promise!

5 Responses to “The Black Forest 2 #1”

  1. Robyn E. Kenealy Says:

    In the meantime, this is acceptable.I actually think this is my fave of the four color strips.

  2. draw Says:

    Thanks, more to come.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    Yep – lovely. Page bruises…

  4. draw Says:

    oh I get it…
    the paper… is black and blue

  5. draw Says:

    hmmm I think there is something in that, you’ve given me an idea Dick.

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