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December 17th, 2010

‘Sails Two’ Abstract 27 Series 2

To see more of series 2 check out the Category

Also forgot to add, a special treat for Christmas, I will be posting Comics

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

for the next two weeks!

4 Responses to “‘Sails Two’ Abstract 27 Series 2”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    Hey man-

    Real nice. For some reason the ‘category’ link is not working.

  2. draw Says:

    hmm weird, I just checked it seems to be OK. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    For me, it just says “Page Not Found” when I click on it.

  4. draw Says:

    thank you thank you thank you. Yeah I got ‘page not found’ as well. The link address was adding a date. I went back through all the abstract series 2 comics and found about half a dozen with the same problem. All fixed

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