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March 11th, 2011


Unknown 10 Animated.

I knew making this that it would be good animated.

Fear, Anger and death endlessly repeated, repeated…

Unknown, Unkown 3, Unknown 4, Unknown 5, Unkown 6, Unknown 7, Unknown 8, Unknown 9, Unknown 10

7 Responses to “Fever”

  1. Dick Whyte Says:

    Great man. I had been waiting for these to go animated. The lurching rhythm is really unusual – unsettling.

  2. draw Says:

    thanks, yeah the lurching rhythm is a attempt at changing the pace of the ‘film’ controlling the amount of time the gif stays on each frame. No really sure I’ll animate anymore most fo the Unknown’s are about narrative.

  3. Dick Whyte Says:

    That’s interesting, cause I don’t often read them directly through classical narrative. I see them as “any-space-whatevers” – collections of fragments which collide in an undefined space. What I like about the GIF is that it gives it a particularly tactile feeling – the collision of images. For me the entire series has always operated through dialectics, rather than linear narratives (not that I am denying that they can be read in a ‘linear’ sense, but just that I always took them as colliding, rather than contiguous, in terms of space and time).

    But all that is dust – I like this, irrespective of whether there are more to come. Cool….

  4. Dick Whyte Says:

    Man, was watching this while listening to Runaway – the colliding rhythms were really nice. In and out of synch.

    Interestingly enough I am really interested in this as a form of experimental film. Dunno where that leads, but perhaps this might be of interest to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JEDYnSStug (not sure if the sound is the original, and it ain’t a great version, but it gives you an idea of what it was like).

  5. draw Says:

    I agree that the Unknown series is about “collections of fragments which collide in an undefined space.”
    however this proves my point the Unknown series subverts movies and classical narrative. It still needs that as a starting point to subvert. so it is still about narrative…
    Now gif animation is something else. for me gif animation also subverts movies and classical narrative but it does it differently.
    I should be clear here that I mean gif’s made from movie stills which by their nature engage with the source material.
    see here:
    http://fuckmaker.tumblr.com/ VERY NSFW! & full on!
    for me fuckmaker.tumblr.com very clear illustrates the subversion that happens in the gif narratively those people are trapped doomed forever to repeat those actions over and over again. it subverts traditional because it provides none of the satisfaction of narrative resolution it forces you to engage with that tiny moment until it becomes nothing in your mind because you have seen it repeated so many times.

    put simply
    Unknown series uses the comics medium to subvert classical narrative. This subversion is unique to the form
    gif animations uses the particulars of that medium to subvert classical narrative and again is unique to the form.

    I am not saying this is the only way to look at gif animations. It is however the way I was thinking about them after I finished Unknown 10. I could see that the comic had potential as a gif. The thematic idea could still work with the medium being changed.
    I felt with the other Unknown comics they would become something else again with the changing of the medium. They would not be the unknown comics.
    I guess this is a reason to do them, to see what happens. Dunno we’ll see. Hope this makes sense Dick.

  6. Dick Whyte Says:

    Yeah – I agree. I think the GIF is definitely linked to repetition and the horror of repetition. The terror of repetition. I did a bit of writing about this at one point but I am not sure where it is now.

  7. draw Says:

    thanks dick – I’d love to see the bit of writing, post it on your site even.

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