Metal is Truth / Art and Metal

April 20th, 2011

Fantastically interesting article about metal/black metal, art and culture.

Some of the good bits:

In the art world, the citation of black metal serves as a negative symbol. Metal produces signs that are not meant to appeal to the masses. The artist who introduces black metal aesthetics thus refers to a phenomenon that is considered to be taking place beyond the consciousness of the viewer. The artist becomes a messenger between the creative elite of viewers ‘paralyzed by irony’ and a dark subculture of abject and archaic symbols. Here, the contradistinction between good and bad (beautiful and ugly) has been almost unnoticeably replaced by that of good and evil.

Is metal the music of this ‘national emergency’, the sovereign that is lawlessness incarnate, the Leviathan?

During ‘grindcore’, the technique of metal was used to transform punk into a metaphysical protest against a nameless total dominion, with the near apocalypse of Chernobyl, the deplorable living conditions in ‘the dirty old town’ under Margaret Thatcher, and the threat of nuclear war between America and the Soviet Union being thrown in as small change. Black metal opted for the encryption of logotype and music and a further elaboration of hate, Satanism and heathenism, and after awhile, action was suited to word. People got killed.

The illegible black metal logo developed analogously with typographic forms of encryption and secrecy that have recently been applied to the Internet, such as the so-called ‘Captcha’: the ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’.

From Kiss to Burzum, black metal is the subcultural development of an aesthetic of evil

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