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July 11th, 2011

Within page 4




Within Page One

4 Responses to “Within page 4”

  1. Claire Harris Says:

    Woah. I really like this. It works even better on screen than in paper. (And as you know my usual opion of your work is the other way anound.)

  2. Claire Harris Says:

    Seriously I can’t get over how good this and how perfect as an online/screen image. THE PAPER IS INVISIBLE BUT I KNOW IT MUST EXIST. The writing is so patently handwritten. And with the word empty? Blank paper (metaphorical yet physical emptyness) dispears through digitisation (scanning) yet emerges as i viible nothing against the slightly darker pixels of your blog theme backdrop. it’s virtual voids inside virtual voids.

    (Sorry for the all caps, I don’t know how to italicise.)

  3. draw Says:

    Hey Thank you Claire! What a great reading I like it. Empty folds in on its self.

  4. Claire Harris Says:

    Gah! I got too excited earlier to proof read. My spelling is atrocious.

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