The Internet knows everything

August 20th, 2013

I read this really interesting article today: Disable internet tracking, make websites load faster and increase your privacy with these free plugins. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in your privacy on the internet. So I installed two of the recommended programmes on Chrome; Disconnect and DoNotTrackMe. What did I discover? My website is a vector for trackers.

Here in lies the problem:

If you want to share content from places like Youtube or Tumblr with people coming to your website.


If you want to track visits to your site.


If you want people to share your content easily via Sharethis, Facebook or other third party providers.

Then you are enabling trackers to access and collect information about people visiting your site.

Because of this I have decided to remove the Sharethis plugin and access to Facebook page on my site. As yet I haven’t decided whether to remove the Google Analytics code. It stinks.

Words to live by on the internet:

Is it free? Its not, it costs you your personal information.

Ha, the irony is, these ‘free’ programmes are no doubt tracking me.

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