Time does not exist or 2013 in review and 2014 begins

January 1st, 2014

Yes its the first day of a new year (well if you follow the Gregorian Calender anyway). 2013 was a bit of a downer for Drawingsilence.com.

I won’t bore you with the reasons for it nor will this post the tired Cliché of the artist giving excuses for not posting.

So instead I’ll be posting some statistics for the year.

67 Comics Posts down 31 from last year

6 Blog posts down 20 from last year

Top 5 referring sites:

1. Facebook

2. Facebook

3. Hicksvillecomics.com

4. Diepopular.tumblr.com

5. Facebook

Thank you very much Hickvillecomics and Diepopular for sending traffic my way.

My most viewed posts where all of celebrities, so I won’t be linking to any of them.

On to…


First post of the year will be this Friday, January 3rd. I’m intending to make 2014 a better year for Drawingsilence than the last one.

here is to the future.

(Something that might not exist)

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