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Suggested for mature audiences, contains: adult themes, violence and horror.

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This is my art site.  I write and draw both narrative and abstract comics. My narrative and abstract comics come together in the Unknown series and sliver.

I also blog about cool stuff that interests me. See my published comics here. See below for longer descriptions of my narrative comics and here for abstract comics.


Draw is my pen name, I am from New Zealand. I have been making comics since the mid 1990s.

Still ness

Zombies! – Zombies terrorise man in suburbia as he tries to get through life. (Abandoned)


Sliver is about memory, remembering and nostalgia. Slides seemed like a natural choice to explore this. Page one here.

Diary Comics

Ongoing Diary Comics covering all sorts of different things in my life: Gigs; art; weird stuff and personal events. Also I have posted high lights from my 2006 Diary comic Delve.


Exploring life on an alien world. (In Progress)

More Comics

Moments in Science Fiction speaks for itself. Allsorts of different one off comics I have posted in the Miscellaneous section. Funny Comics more funny comics, Conspiracy Theories, old comics