Abstract Comics

Series One

my first foray into single page abstract comics.

Series Two – ‘Found Images’

gutter/borders painted onto found images.

Series Three – ‘Lines’

Black and white mark making.


Inspired by the Weather.

Series Four – ‘Four Colours’

Four Colour ball point pen comics.

Series Four – ‘Purple’

Four colours of Blue.

Series Four – ‘The Black Forest’

Comics specifically blending colours together.






Series Four – ‘Toxic’

Toxic Comic.









Series Four – ‘Wave’

A tsunami of four colours.









Abstract Animations

Animated versions of my abstract comics.

Abstract 9 Series 2 Animation

Descent Series

Exploring layering and the gutter in comic – similar to Wave set









Reign of Blood

Inspired by the Slayer song Raining Blood


Abstract Comics exploring words.